João Rodrigues (4 Weeks)

October 8, 2016 by Team Transformerz

Normally we tend to share our clients’ transformations after 8 weeks or more. That’s due to the fact that our team always wants to show the best results regarding our clients’ work as possible.

In this case, we decided to share João Ridrigues’s transformation in just 4 weeks of coaching!

In an initial phase, after we analyzed the personal information that João sent to us as well as his photos, we recommended he start with 2400kcal per day, and 1 high day of 3800kcal, paying no attention to macros. Training wise, due to João’s availability, we created a workout plan for 3x a week training and didn’t include cardio in his routine.


After the first week, João went from his initial 92kg to 91.8kg. What we decided was to slightly lower his daily calories to 2300kcal, with the following macro breakdown:

Protein: 173g Fat: 64g and Carbs: 259g. We still added no cardio.

After his second week, João now weighed 90,3kg, since he ate significantly below the established goals, eating around 2030kcal per day. What we did in order for him to be able to hit his caloric goals was lower the intake once again, now to 2200kcal with the following macros:

Protein: 165g Fat: 61g and Carbs: 248g

The following week, João had some weight oscillations, having reached 89,1 on the day before his refeed. We lowered his intake to 2100kcal, with a 3500kcal high day so we could continue the progress.

After the fourth week, João hit 88,1kg on his last day, having lost a total of 4kg throughout 4 weeks. His weight reduction was a bit drastic, but that was because João did not do the high day of 3500kcals.

It might seem strange for us to include days with higher calories and always recommend that João eat more calories even though he was having very good results, but this is because we want our clients to have the best results they can while eating as many calories as possible. If we achieve this, we will always have more room to make slight changes throughout the process without risking our clients’ stagnation in the middle of the program without them having achieved their goals!


With that being said, if you want to do as João did and get started on your transformation, get in touch with us through our CONTACTS page.

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