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Privacy Policy & Cookies

We care about you and the privacy of your personal data. For us, it is essential and necessary to provide a service for our users that is as secure and confidential as possible, safeguarding the privacy of communications and their personal data. This privacy policy, according to the ways of collecting, processing and using personal data, as well as the security safeguards adopted in this treatment for both services we provide.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully, as accessing our sites and making your personal data available implies knowledge and acceptance of the scope conditions. In other words, when making your personal data available, you are authorizing its out, use and disclosure, in accordance with the defined rules in this policy.

The Team Transformerz content email service provided to you (hereinafter “the user”) consists of sending daily updated content from the Team Transformerz website.

The advertising service associated with Team Transformerz provided to you (hereinafter “the user”) consists of the daily sending of exclusive offers that our partners make available to our users.

Data processing holder

The data holder is Dieta Flexível Lda, an online nutrition and personal training services company based at Rua Luís de Camões nº28 2ºD, 2775-516, Carcavelos, Portugal.

We created this privacy policy to demonstrate our commitment and respect for the privacy rules and the Team Transformerz website users and subscribers personal data protection.

In this case, the data owner is also the data processing holder. In other words, by subscribing to either the Team Transformerz content service or advertising service, you are giving in and authorizing them treatment exclusively by the company that owns the registered brand Team Transformerz: Dieta Flexível Lda.

Data collection

Dieta Flexível Lda collects, from its subscribers, some personal data such as: e-mail address, IP address and, when there is a justified purpose, we also collect name, postal code, gender, telephone number as well as lifestyle demographic data.

This collection is made through online forms, questionnaires, products and services promotions, draws, competitions, giveaways or events, either through commercial partners of Dieta Flexível Lda, through the company’s websites, or through commercially available databases.

Your data collection is always done with prior consent clearly indicating the purpose for which it is intended.

The data collected is adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the scope, purpose and specified services, explicit and legitimate by Dieta Flexível Lda.

Purpose and Legal basis for data processing

You can freely browse any Team Transformerz website without having to provide any personal data.

The purpose of data processing for subscribers registered in the Team Transformerz newsletter is exclusively for sending the respective newsletters with information about nutrition and personalized training, as well as promotional campaigns and rewards from the Team Transformerz website, that is, within the scope of the provision of service for which the data collection is intended.

In any of the cases above described, data processing is always done by Dieta Flexível Lda. Your data will never be transferred to third parties for any purpose. Some of our partners intend to communicate to our subscribers main brand campaigns, thus using our marketing service, and all data processing for this purpose is always done by Dieta Flexível Lda where only the promoted content is external.

The processing of the subscribers data is only done with the clear, free and informed consent of the individual, through a proactive action aimed at said consent.

What are your rights as a holder of personal data?

Any user, as a holder of personal data, has the following rights regarding the processing of his personal data:

  1. Right of access: whenever you request it, you can obtain confirmation on whether your personal data is processed by the Company and access information about them, such as, what are the treatment purposes, what are the storage periods, among others;
  2. Right of rectification: whenever you consider that your personal data is incomplete or inaccurate, you can request its rectification or for it to be completed;
  3. Right to withdraw your consent: In cases where data processing is done on the basis of your consent, you can withdraw your consent at any time.
  4. Right to erasure: you can request that your personal data be erased when one of the following situations occurs: (i) personal data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected or processed; (ii) withdraw the consent on which the data processing is based and there is no other legal basis for it; (iii) to present opposition to the data processing and there are no prevailing legitimate interests, to be assessed on a case-by-case basis, which justify the processing; (iv) personal data that has been processed unlawfully; (v) personal data that to be deleted under a legal obligation; or (v) personal data that has been collected in the context of the provision of information society services;
  5. Right of processing limitation: You may request to limit the processing of your personal data in the following cases: (i) if you challenge the accuracy of your personal data for a period of time that allows the Company to verify its accuracy; (ii) if the treatment is considered to be illegal; (iii) if the Company no longer needs personal data for processing purposes, but that data is necessary for the purposes of declaring, exercising or defending a right in a judicial process; or (iii) if you have presented opposition to the treatment and there is no Company prevailing legitimate interest;
  6. Right of portability: you can request that the Company delivers, in a structured format, in current use and automatic reading, the personal data provided by you. You also have the right to ask the Company to transmit this data to another controller, as long as this is technically possible. Note that the portability right only applies in the following cases: (i) when the treatment is based on express consent or the performance of a contract; and (ii) when the treatment in question is carried out by automated means;
  7. Right to not be subject to individual based decisions, exclusively ones that are automated: although we can profile you in order to carry out targeted marketing campaigns, in principle, we will not make decisions that affect you based on exclusively automated processes;
  8. Right to submit complaints to the supervising authority: If you wish to make a complaint regarding matters related to the processing of your personal data, you can do so with the National Data Protection Commission, the competent supervising authority in Portugal. For more information, go to

Place and person responsible for data processing

Personal data can be stored in an unidentified way or in an aggregated form.

The DPO (Data Protection Officer) responsible for the storage, management, collection and storage of data is Dr. João Pedro César Machado, Lawyer with the email

Data storage security

Dieta Flexível Lda invests significantly in maintaining the security of all its websites and information systems, in order to prevent access to your data by anyone who is not authorized to do so. However, we all know that the internet is not a 100% secure medium and that is why Dieta Flexível Lda guarantees, in everything that is within its reach, the maximum protection of your personal data.

Data Retention Period

Any personal data will be completely deleted within two years after the last contact.

Access, rectification or opposition to data processing

The user may exercise his rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition regarding his personal data. The exercise of said rights must be carried out through any means considered relevant by the user:
a) Through the service cancellation links present in all communications sent via email;
b) By email:
Newsletters: with the subject “remove”.;
Notifications: with the subject “remove”.
c) By post: Dieta Flexível Lda | Rua Luís de Camões nº28 2ºD, 2775-516, Carcavelos, Portugal;
d) By telephone: + 351 91 847 73 55.

Rejection of Data Processing for Marketing Purposes

You can, at any time, oppose to the processing of data for marketing / advertising purposes by simply:

a) Accessing the space for the rectification of your data and remove the selection of the permission to receive email marketing campaigns;
b) Through the “unsubscribe” link of the service present in all communications sent by e-mail.

Data disclosure to third parties

Your data will never be transferred to third parties for any purpose.
Data processing is always done by Dieta Flexível Lda.
Some of our partners intend to communicate promotional/marketing campaigns to our subscribers of the main brands, thus using our marketing service, being that all data processing for this purpose is always done by Dieta Flexível Lda being that only the content provided will be external.

Other sites and liability limits of New Adventures
Dieta Flexível Lda’s websites may contain links to other sites that are not under the control of Dieta Flexível Lda and are not covered by this privacy policy. If you access other sites using the links on the Team Transformerz site, you should be aware that those sites may eventually request and collect personal data, in accordance with their privacy policy, which may be different from ours. It is also important to note that Dieta Flexível Lda sites may occasionally provide links to other sites created and managed by other organizations. Since these sites are not our property, we cannot guarantee their quality, suitability or operation, and our relationship with these sites does not imply endorsement of the products and services sold or advertised, nor any information about the sites in question.
Therefore, we strongly recommend that you pay close attention and take into account that, under no circumstances, will Dieta Flexível Lda be liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or allegedly caused to the user or to third parties regarding the use of personal data by other companies without proper authorization.

We recommend that you always consult the respective Privacy Policy of all the sites you visit.

Data transfer

In the normal course of business at Dieta Flexível Lda, changes may occur in the level of participation and control of associated companies, subsidiaries or affiliates or possibly the group’s business areas. In any of these situations, personal property can be considered transferable, subject to compliance with the requirements and authorizations legally required for the transfer. The same will happen if Dieta Flexível Lda or any part or sector of activity or the companies that form the group, or associated companies, subsidiaries or affiliates available are bought, situations in which your personal data will be part of the assets to be transferred, naturally fulfilling the requirements and authorizations legally required for its transmission.

If Dieta Flexível Lda or any part or sector of activity, or the companies that form the group, or associated companies, subsidiaries or affiliates are to be purchased, your personal data will be part of the assets to be transferred, naturally fulfilling the requirements and authorizations legally required for its transmission.


On all Dieta Flexível Lda websites, cookies are installed on your device to allow a better user experience. A cookie is a small file that is installed on your device when you visit a website. If you visit this site again, the cookie will recognize you. In addition, on all sites Dieta Flexível Lda can also register the user’s IP / participant in order to detect possible fraud or illegal behavior.

When continuing to browse, we consider that you were aware of and accepted this Cookies policy.

What kind of cookies do we use?

Our cookies have different functions:

– Essential cookies – Some cookies are essential to access specific areas of our websites. They allow you to browse the site and use your applications, such as accessing secure areas of the site through login. Without these cookies, the respective services cannot be provided.

– Analytical cookies – We use these cookies to analyze how users use the site and monitor its performance. This allows us to provide a high quality experience by customizing our offer and quickly identifying and correcting any problems that arise. For example, we use performance cookies to find out which pages are most popular, which method of linking between pages is most effective, or to determine why some pages are receiving error messages. Based on the use of the website, we may also use these cookies to highlight articles or services on the website that we think are from our users interest. These cookies are used only for the purpose of statistics and analysis, without ever collecting personal information.

– Functionality cookies – We use functionality cookies to allow us to remember user preferences. For example, cookies avoid typing the user’s name each time the user accesses the site. We also use functionality cookies to provide advanced services to the user, such as making comments on an article.

In summary, functionality cookies keep the user’s preferences regarding the use of the website, so that it is not necessary to reconfigure the website each time you visit it.

– Third party cookies – Used to measure the success of applications and the effectiveness of third party advertising.

– Advertising cookies – They serve to target advertising according to the interests of each user, allowing to limit the number of times the ad is viewed. These cookies help to measure the effectiveness of advertising. However, they do not identify the user.

The used cookies can be:

– Permanent cookies – They are stored at the level of the internet browser (browser) on your access devices (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) and are used whenever the user makes a new visit to the site. Generally, they are used to direct navigation according to the user’s interests, allowing us to provide a more personalized service.

– Session cookies – They are temporary, remain in the cookies of your internet browser until you leave the site. The information obtained allows to identify problems and provide a better browsing experience.

How to block / disable cookie access and use?

As we explained, cookies help you get the most out of our sites, which is why by disabling cookies, parts of our site may not work properly.

Without prejudice, the user can always disable part or all of our cookies, as follows:

Google Chrome
1. Click on the Chrome menu (top right corner of the browser toolbar);
2.Select “Settings”;
3. Click on “Show advanced settings”;
4. In the “Privacy” section, click the “Content settings” button;
5. Choose the desired cookie settings.
Note: There are several levels of enabling and disabling cookies in Google Chrome. For more information, seek the relevant help page.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
1. Click on the “Tools” menu and choose the “Internet Options” option;
2. Select the “Privacy” tab;
3. Move the bar according to the desired privacy level (“Block all cookies” will appear at the top).

Mozilla Firefox
1. Click on the “Tools” menu;
2. Select “Options”;
3. Click on the “Privacy” icon, found on the top panel;
4. In the “Cookies” section, choose your option;
5. Click “OK” to save changes and close.
1. On the Menu bar, click on “Edit”;
2. Select “Preferences”;
3. On the top panel, select the “Privacy” icon;
4. On the “Accept cookies” section, select your option.

Other browsers
Please look in the “Help” menu or contact your browser provider.

Use of cookies when opening our newsletters

Our newsletters may, for statistical purposes, contain a single “pixel” that allows us to know if they are open and to check clicks through links or advertisements within the newsletter.

The user always has the possibility to disable the sending of the newsletter by accessing the newsletter management area.

Privacy Policy Changes

Dieta Flexível Lda reserves the right, at any time, to update or revise the privacy policy indicated here to adjust to possible legislative changes and other restrictions.
The current privacy policy (with any changes that may be made) can be consulted at any time in this same space.

Privacy Policy Acceptance

It is understood that the user accepts the terms of this privacy policy when providing his data on any of the websites owned by Dieta Flexível Lda. Upon completion of the consent forms we assume that the user authorizes the automated processing and use of data in accordance with the privacy policy described here.

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