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Your Online Nutritionist and Personal Trainer!


Hundreds of real shared transformations.


Flexible approach, allowing you to maintain your lifestyle and personal preference regarding nutrition.


Continuous coaching, completely custom to you.


Contact with your Coach via via E-mail and Whatsapp.


The diet is adapted to each person’s reality.


A premium service where results are guaranteed, at an accessible cost.

Who we are?

Team Transformerz was created in Lisbon, Portugal, with a multi-cultural team with the mission to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. Since 2013 Team Transformerz has worked with tens of thousands of clients over these years. We are very proud to be a team made up of qualified and experienced professionals in the field of Nutrition, Personal Training and Psychology.

What we can do for you?

We can change your life!


  • We attribute a Coach to each client, whose mission is to share knowledge and the Team Transformerz method, guaranteeing an interactive coaching program that is easy to follow and succeed in;
  •  We perform and in depth analysys of each client’s profile, allowing us to lay out an initial strategy for progress that is 100% adapted to each case;
  • We define nutritional goals where the prerequisite is only one: that you reach said goals each day. Within them, any food is valid, at any given time;
  • Our flexible method, free from rigid inflexible meal plans, allows everyone to eat what they truly like and to be able to maintain a social life and events without ruining their progression;
  • In order to guarantee our clients’ health, we recommend that an 80% minimum of all food consumed is from natural and unprocessed sources;
  • Also, we prescribe a mandatory fibre goal, a nutrient that can only be attained through the consumption of foods such as fruit, vegetables and legumes, limiting the amount of process food that one can fit into his “daily allowance” of nutrients;
  • We create a specialized workout program, always taking into account any limitations, goals and needs that our clients may have;
  • There is a detailed weekly evaluation, which guarantees that each client’s progress is continuous, being it that adjustments will be made both to the nutrition regimen and workout regimen whenever necessary;
  • By having your Coach available via Whatsapp for quick questions, our clients are never alone and can handle any situation that arises in their daily routine, guaranteeing that their progression isn’t halted or indered.


Team Transformerz exists for one reason only: Improve your life.
That is why Team Transformerz clients are the face of our company! With years of improvement of our method, our work is centered around you and your well-being, guaranteeing sustainable results, without any useless sacrifices. With science backing up our method, we can’t go wrong!

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Team Transformerz promotes a nutritional orientation approach that is both balanced and flexible, without fixed plans or restricted timetables. This way, everyone manages their meal plan each day, adapting it to his/her routine and preference!

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