Pedro Miguel (16 Weeks)

September 2, 2017 by Team Transformerz

Pedro got in touch with us because he wanted to lose body fat. So he subscribed to our 16 Week Fat Loss Programme (Summer Shape).


In terms of weight and measurements, Pedro started out weighing 84,3kgs and measuring 93cm around his waist. By the end of the programme, he was weighing 75,80kgs and measuring 76cm around his waist. This totals a loss of 8,5kgs and 17cm. This ratio indicates that Pedro’s metabolism was “kind” enough to let us gain a little muscle while losing fat, which is rare and not everyone can do!


Regarding training, we always emphasized hypertrophy work in order to maintain muscle mass. We did however also add a little cardio to his programme, only in the most restrictive phase of his diet so that he could still eat enough not to be hungry.


The way we structure our programmes always envisions that our clients eat as much as possible, so we play around with cardio in order for this to happen. A great diet isn’t the one where we lose a ton of KGs, it is one where our measurements reduce the must where they should and where we are able to maintain not only our muscle mass, but our sanity. This is what we call being flexible.

Now Pedro is undergoing a Reverse Dieting process.

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Team Transformerz promotes a nutritional orientation approach that is both balanced and flexible, without fixed plans or restricted timetables. This way, everyone manages their meal plan each day, adapting it to his/her routine and preference!

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