João Rebola (22 Weeks)

September 2, 2017 by Team Transformerz

Meet João. He subscribed to our Summer Shape Programme, committing to 12 weeks of hard work (initially). Aged 31, 191cm and weighing 79kg, João started the journey that would completely change his physique.

Before working with us, João had only been training consistently for 3 months. With no fear, he dived into his programme, initiating it with a daily intake of 2000kcal plus a higher calorie day at the end of the week where he consumed 3400kcal.



After 4 weeks of dedicated work, João’s average weight was 76,51 and his waist measurement went from 88 to 85,5cm. In 4 weeks, João was already promising to provide an incredible transformation.

By the end of his 12th week, his average weight was now 73,5. True, it wasn’t a huge descent in 8 weeks. But the important stat was his waist measurement, which was already 76,5cm at this point. This totals a loss of 11,5cm in 12 weeks. We were truly happy and proud for what João was able to achieve.

After 2 weeks we initiated a Reverse Dieting process, so that João could gain muscle mass and increase his metabolic rate.


We are currently in his 22nd week of coaching. João is weighing 70,69kg and measuring 76cm around his waist.
Currently his metabolism is very very high, taking into account that João is gaining just a few grams per week and that his daily caloric intake is 2500kcal. 500kcal more than what we started consuming when working with us, weighing 9kg less and having 12cm less around his waist.

Muscle gain is a hard thing to do, but we are doing a good job, being it that João is being able to maintain his level of body fat while still gaining muscle!

Thank you for your dedication João!

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