Joana (4 Weeks)

September 2, 2017 by Team Transformerz


We are gathered here today to appreciate the work of our client Joana, who is working with us in a Summer Shape regime.

Joana is 29 years old, 162cm and started out weighing 59kg, having the goal of diminishing her body fat levels.


After 4 weeks, Joana has lost only one single Kg, but she has undergone this amazing transformation. The food restrictions were very soft and she has done no cardio.


Even though she was very skeptical in regards to our method, consistency and dedication were the foundation for the results she is already producing.

We are anxious to see what Joana will bring to the table throughout the next 8 weeks!

To get to know our work methodology in order to find out what you need to do to get started on your own transformation, get in touch with us through our Contacts page.


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Team Transformerz promotes a nutritional orientation approach that is both balanced and flexible, without fixed plans or restricted timetables. This way, everyone manages their meal plan each day, adapting it to his/her routine and preference!

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