Hugo Cortez (10 Weeks)

September 25, 2017 by Team Transformerz


At 30 years old, 1,72m and 71kg, Hugo decided to join us, training for 3 years already. With a very progressive and consistent approach, as is customary with us, we were able to get Hugo down to 67,4kg in just 5 weeks.

What really made us happy with his progression was the fact that he maintained all of his muscle mass, as you can clearly see in the photographs shown. Hugo’s motivation was always extremely high and his work ethic and will to follow our instructions was and is just incredible. This way, we were able to progress very much within a window that we generally consider small.
After 10 weeks, we have Hugo’s current physique, weighing 65,4kg.

But, the most impressive aspect of his transformation was not the decrease in weight, but the decrease in his waist measurement! He started out at 79cm and was able to get down to 70,2cm.

We are truly proud to have this athlete work with us! It has been a pleasure.
The fight goes on and we are already in an advanced bulking phase, but Hugo is still in a very similar condition, gaining weight very slowly! It is amazing.
Just wait to see šŸ˜‰


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