Bruno Costa (16 Weeks)

September 9, 2017 by Team Transformerz

This is Bruno Costa, our client who subscribed to our 16 Week Summer Shape Programme.


Here is the approach we took throughout these 16 weeks:


  • Bruno  is 34 years old and started to work with us weighing 78kg.
  • His initial intake was a daily 2600kcal with no macro-nutrient restrictions, plus a higher calorie day where he consumed 4000kcal. His first week wasn’t easy, it was a challenge to hit his macro targets. But still he was able to train and more or less follow our guidelines.
  • By the end of his 3rd week, Bruno was already weighing 74,3kg  and following his macro-nutrient targets perfectly. His macros at the time were: Protein: 180g; Fat: 67g; Carbohydrate: 270g, plus two higher calorie days where he consumed 3100kcal with no restrictions.
  • By the end of his 7th week of coaching, Bruno presented a new low weigh in of 71,4kg, still very strict with his nutrition and training. The diferences were incredible. At this point, his macros changed to: Protein: 180g;  Fat: 63g;  Carbohydrate: 230g, plus two higher calorie days where he consumed: Protein: 180g;  Fat: 80g;  Carbohydrate: 380g. 
  • After his 14th week of coaching, Bruno was weighing 67,4kg. The most important aspect of his transformation is that Bruno was able to maintain almost all of his muscle mass!
  • Being enrolled in the Summer Shape Programme and already happy with his level of conditioning, we started his Reverse Diet, changing his macros to: Protein: 180g;  Fat: 63g;  Carbohydrate: 250g, still maintaining two higher calorie days where Bruno consumed: Protein: 180g;  Fat: 80g;  Carbohydrate: 400g
  • We proceeded to a gradual increase in his caloric intake, as Bruno’s body responded and “asked” for more. Meanwhile, Bruno renewed his subscription so that he could continue to work with us.
  • Currently we are entering his 17th week of coaching, 3 weeks into his Reverse. His macros now are: Protein: 180g;  Fat: 70g;  Carbohydrate: 330g plus two higher calorie days: Protein: 180g;  Fat: 85g;  Carbohydrate: 440g.


The truth is that Bruno is still weighing 67,4kg. His metabolism is getting faster every day and asking for more fuel, which leaves Bruno very satisfied with the amount he is able to eat and the fuel he is provided with in order to train and stimulate muscle growth!

Bruno is currently training 5-7 days per week.


In our Team, just like we did with Bruno, we don’t prescribe long, useless cardio sessions, that only serve the purpose of chipping away at our mind and/or physique. They end up making the whole process inconsistent and impossible to tolerate and maintain for an extended period. In our coaching programmes, both caloric deficits and cardio are balanced so that if we have reached a point where it isn’t viable to go any lower in terms of our clients’ caloric intake, we are able to implement some high intensity cardio sessions to further extend the deficit. This way our clients don’t have to experience hunger, nor do they have to train as if they were going to compete in a marathon.

To get to know our work methodology in order to find out what you need to do to get started on your own transformation, get in touch with us through our Contacts page.


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Team Transformerz promotes a nutritional orientation approach that is both balanced and flexible, without fixed plans or restricted timetables. This way, everyone manages their meal plan each day, adapting it to his/her routine and preference!

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